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What is it that HFFurniture offer our customers?

Here at HFFurniture we make one off pieces for you, usually because you can see from our web-site and showrooms that we are a cut above most and can create what’s needed to fit your home after failing to find the right piece that is not on your high street. Most of the furniture we… Read more »

How Our Tables Are Made

Firstly the wood and why we use it. Oak has been used as the core material of refectory tables since c.1300, there have been other variants of this like fruit woods and Ash, but for the most part they have been made out of oak. The Oak that we use is Kiln dried or air… Read more »

Helping you choose your bed size.

Here at HFFurniture all our beds are made to order. When you order a bed from HFFurniture you get to choose the size you require, this is in all cases down to the size of your mattress size. Mattress sizes to help you decide. Single 3’ x 6’ 3” Double 4’ 6” x 6’ 3”… Read more »

Four Ways to Make an Entrance

This month saw celebrities such as Beyonce, J-Lo and Rihanna making an entrance with show-stopping dresses at a New York fashion gala. Pulling off the right look comes down to communication with the wearer, elegance of design, superior materials, and attention to detail. Here at HF Furniture this is much the way we feel about… Read more »

All You Need to Know About Oak

Oak is strong, appealing to look at and has been used to craft fine furniture and interior panelling since the Middle Ages. But if you think you know everything about this hardwood, think again! Here are some interesting facts about oak. It has a long history… There is evidence that oak has been used to… Read more »


When deciding on what furniture you may want there are many options of what is possible, here are some examples to help you. TABLES. When choosing a table you will firstly need to know how big you  need it to best suit your needs , a 6ft x 3ft table is set to seat 6… Read more »

The Furniture I like and why.

The Furniture I like and why. Well I think it’s obvious that I like Oak furniture, as it is so versatile, being able to create a piece that’s design was created in its roughest form many hundreds of years ago, to what is currently happening all around us with the cheap imports. Now if someone… Read more »

Making the right decision.

For many of us deciding how to furnish your home is a decision that’s not to be taken lightly. This is especially true if you share a home with your partner. Balancing both party’s tastes, or marrying both traditional and contemporary tastes can be something of a compromise. However, one fact remains true – having… Read more »

How our business works.

  What we have on this web-site.  By James.   Hall Farm Reproductions are makers of high end bespoke furniture, when taking a tour of our web-site and what we have to offer, it’s best to hold in your mind at all times that we are totally bespoke.   What this means for you is… Read more »

Make an Impact with Handmade Rustic Furniture

Preparing your home for property viewings may seem a little daunting but with the right furnishings you could be signing over your home to the new owners in no time. Make your home picturesque with beautiful oak country furniture. Like many things in life, when it comes to selling your home, the more effort you… Read more »

Welcome to HFFurniture Blog

Turn your home in to a relaxing retreat by creating a clutter free zone with country furniture. Make the most of your space with functional furniture that offers superior storage.

Country Handmade Oak Furniture – Where Design, Functionality and Style Meet

Country Handmade Oak Furniture – Where Design, Functionality and Style Meet Think of traditional English furniture and the image that comes back into your head is traditional country furniture that withstands both the physical passing of time but also the constant changes in fashion and tastes. Using British materials such as oak and ash, country… Read more »

What Bespoke means to you.

What Bespoke means to you. When buying a bespoke item you are usually doing so because you want something a little more special than the furniture you see on a day to day trip to high street stores or business park furniture stores. This is where a company like ours comes into play, here at… Read more »

How oak furniture is so versatile.

This is an article on how oak furniture is so versatile. Oak is in my eye one of the most versatile woods you can use for furniture there is, It has been used for hundreds of years for furniture and most people relate old furniture as being made in oak, there has been over the… Read more »

If money is not an issue !

If money is no object! Here are some things for you to think if it’s not a case of  ‘ how much? ‘ If you were to be purchasing a dresser base for example and wanted something a little extra special then we would be delighted to come up with some great ideas. Most of… Read more »

Bespoke country furniture specialist

You can replicate period fittings with the help of a bespoke country furniture specialist that design and build handmade rustic furniture for your home to ensure you only ever pay for a piece that you really want. Period furniture and antique fittings have always been popular but they can be difficult to come by. Collectors… Read more »


Not seen a design you like, let me design a truly unique piece just for you. That is how all these pieces of furniture started out, you tell me what you need if it’s not here and I will do my upmost to make it a reality.

Search online for quality country furniture

How to Find Quality Reproduction Country Furniture Reproduction country furniture is all the rage nowadays. It is a fantastic way to acquire pieces that look just like antique furniture but are actually brand new items of handmade rustic furniture. This way you can create a classic home with some stunning pieces that will stand the… Read more »

Attention to Detail.

Here at Hall Farm Reproductions we give our customers the best furniture possible for their budget, for example, all our tables are made form the best timbers giving wide planks with great character, this can be even more detailed by choosing what effect you want to give, our prices are here to give great value… Read more »